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Alternative Risk Premia

Alternative risk premia and a fundamental explanation

Numerous portfolios are mostly dominated by equity market risks. In the face of global economic crisis, this may not be favourable to the various investors. Thus, it is usually advisable that investors seek other sources of returns into their portfolios. The savvy investors therefore recognise the need to include alternative sources of return that completely ...
Predictive modeling

Predictive Modelling or Predictive Analytics

Using machine learning for prediction is mostly referred to as predictive modelling or Predictive Analytics (PA). The main reason why people usually associate with machine learning is because of its ability of predicting the future behavior of individuals, although, there are other problems and situations to which machine learning can be applied. All that is ...
Artificial Intelligence

Impact of artificial intelligence on investment decisions

The deployment of artificial intelligence and machine learning in the financial sector in recent times has been met with much success. This could be attributed to the exponential strides in technology, with innovations being discovered every day, most importantly in computing, data analysis, processing and storage. Thus, machine learning, artificial intelligence, big data and computerised …
Alpha - Deep Learning

Drive alpha (α) in the financial sector from deep learning

Artificial intelligence seems to be quite the rave these days. From self-driving cars to smart toasters, there is a strong drive in the world of technology to make computers and machines more human-like in reasoning, but without the errors common to humans. The financial sector like many others is a beneficiary to this innovation. The ...

Fully autonomous AI hedge fund by Innolab Technology

Innolab Capital runs a fully autonomous artificial intelligence traded hedge fund. Its proprietary deep learning trading and investment strategy are continuously evolved and optimized using Innolab Technology’s distributed artificial intelligence platform. Innolab Capital make us of Innolab Technology’s artificial intelligence platform to develop, evolve and optimize its investment strategies. By combining the use of deep learning, and …