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What value does artificial intelligence add to enterprises?

Solutions based on predictive models, are increasingly being used to replace or supplement manual decision-making and judgement in all ramifications. Why? Because predictive models tend to be:

  • Accurate: . Predictive models consistently outperform human experts by 20-30% in many fields.
  • Unbiased. Predictive models don’t display deliberate prejudicial bias against someone unlike people.
  • Fast. A predictive model can be used to predict the behavior of millions of datapoints in seconds as a part of an automated decision-making system. Mostly, it would be time consuming and unfeasibly expensive have people making the same judgements manually.
  • Cheap. Once developed, predictive models are often cheaper to deploy than human counterparts.
Case: Artificial Intelligence in Asset Management

Autonomous AI hedge fund.

Innolab Capital runs a fully autonomous artificial intelligence traded fund. Its proprietary deep learning trading and investment strategy are continuously evolved and optimized using Innolab Technology’s distributed artificial intelligence platform.

Innolab Capital make us of Innolab Technology’s artificial intelligence platform to develop, evolve and optimize its investment strategies. By combining the use of deep learning, and large-scale distributed computing from Google Cloud, the asset management company identifies, evolves, and propagates the most successful strategies. Continuously processing and learning from broad and deep datasets, Innolab Capital is able to develop investment strategies that differentiate themselves from other human and machine learning strategies.


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